Useful Software

A common theme in this catalogue of software is that most entries here are good looking, lightweight, and easy to install (with Docker). Please send me any suggestions for additions should you have any!

Ubuntu Customizations

For my personal desktop, I run the latest distribution of Ubuntu, which at the time of writing is 19.10. On here, I have some minor customizations that vastly improve my QoL:

NOTE: Recently, I have tried most of the vanilla options on Ubuntu 19.10 and have been very pleased with the default gnome-shell theme. Therefore, I have elected to only use the Papirus Icon Pack as a customization.

Privacy Tools

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Development Tools

For development, here are the bare essentials for any system:

Windows Specific Applications

Windows doesn’t come with all the features that Ubuntu comes with, so I add some additional tools to make it feel more like home:



Self-Hosted Solutions


This is less of a list of applications and more of a list of application collections. Nevertheless…

Things I Haven’t Tested Yet

I’ve looked through the internet for hours looking for


Awesome Self Hosted Software Repository

My personal catalogue of note taking software