Why "Ranvier"?

Diagram of a node of Ranvier

My sophomore year of high school, I was taking AP Psychology on Florida Virtual School (FLVS). We had a class in-person at my school where we could work on this class during school hours. Yeah… Good luck keeping us from doing more interesting things.

This was the perfect time for me to learn about TCP/IP networking, Linux, and self-hosting awesomeness. Inspired by the class I was taking, I’d already named my Minecraft server myelin, my homelab server stem, and my Digital Ocean Droplet axon. I hadn’t bought a domain before, but the time was coming, as myelin.ddns.net just wasn’t cutting it anymore.

On an occasion where I had actually decided to spend some time on the class, I learned about the nodes of Ranvier. This was an awesome sounding name (thanks Louis-Antoine Ranvier!) and nobody had taken it yet! Bonus points because the TLD was .net, which fits perfectly into the analogy of a network of neurons.